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The Elementary classrooms at the Montessori Centre is designed to accommodate up to eighteen students with one trained teacher. The Elementary classes ( Grades 1 – 6) combines the traditional elementary learning environment together with some of the basic principles of Dr. Maria Montessori.

“… children possess an intrinsic desire to explore, discover and learn..”


Areas studied in Elementary classroom include:DSC_0857

  • Language Arts – Reading, Creative Writing, Grammar, Handwriting, Spelling, Listening and Speaking
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Health and Family Life
  • French
  • Spanish

In addition to these core academic subjects, the Elementary curriculum offers swimming, tennis, music, computer, dance, football, golf, physical education and field trips with some as extra curricular activities. Some of these classes take place at neighbourhood facilities such as the Aquatic Centre, Sportivo Fitness and Club St. Lucia Tennis Courts. These facilities are well within a very short walking distance or bus ride from the Centre.

New concepts and materials in the Elementary class are usually presented in small groups in applying the new concepts to related activies. The Children may choose these activities while the teachers may assign some as well.

Some Basic Characteristics of the Elementary Class:

  • Small class size ( no more than 18.)
  • 1-2 year age span
  • Trained staff ( with some knowledge of Montessori Philosophy)
  • Individual/small group instruction
  • Various grouping for various curriculum areas.
  • Concrete manipulation in lower grades.
  • Use of some basic Montessori materials.
  • Children working individually on various tasks.
  • Time table offers choice of activities.
  • Child-Centered classroom.
  • Reading using phonetic approach.
  • Work centers set up to reinforce teaching.
  • Prepared environment.
  • Respect for the child.

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