School History

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The school population continued to grow at a pace and with developing residential areas in the North, prompted the addition of a second facility in the North of the island. The Montessori centre, as it is called, opened its doors on September 18th 2000, with classes in Toddler, Pre-School and Elementary sections. Again the school population increased at a pace and a third Centre Wee Wisdom International Montessori School opened its doors on September 2nd 2008. This Centre now houses the Early Childhood Section ( Toddlers – Pre-Primary ages 18 months – 5 years ) while the Montessori Centre caters for students from reception – Grade Six ages 5 years – 12 years.


Due to the decrease in student numbers the Wee Wisdom Montessori in Lower Pavee Road, Castries closed its doors in July 2009. Many of the students and teachers relocated to the northern branch Wee Wisdom International Montessori School in September 2009.

The Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Montessori who was the first woman to be granted a medical degree in Italy and founder of the philosophy that later inspired reforms in modern education, believed that children possess an intrinsic desire to explore, discover and learn about their environment.

The Method

IMG_4532The aim of Montessori schools is to help children build the foundation for a lifetime of creative learning. They are based on Dr. Montessori’s observations:

  • That each child is unique and should be helped to his or her fullest potential.
  • That the early years are critical and children should have every opportunity to strengthen positive attitudes toward themselves and toward learning during those years.
  • The Montessori children learn through establishing patterns of concentration and perseverance during the early years and from this foundation they grow to be confident, competent learners for life.

These exciting results are obtained in what Montessori called the ‘prepared environment” of the Montessori classroom. These rooms contain attractive, scientifically developed, sequenced, and interrelated materials that allow the child to explore relationships by a process of manipulation and discovery. Although the curriculum is highly structured, each child moves through it at his or her own pace.

The Montessori Centre


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