“Help me to do it by myself”


Our Pre-Primary / Preschool Program is especially designed for children ages 3-5. the school day is fluid, blending presentations of materials and individual work with small-group activities. Music, computer, dance, French, Physical education, Swimming, Tennis and field trips are all offered with some as extra curricular activities.


“…these help promote a sense of confidence at school”



The most noticeable difference between a Montessori Pre-School programme DSC_7837and that of the other pre-schools is in the approach to the learning process.


In a Montessori Programme;


Practical life tasks help children master functions, foster a sense of order, and develop a feeling of control over body and environment. These activities include pouring, tying, washing, food preparation, and sweeping. Already a part of the child’s life at home, these tasks help promote a sense of confidence at school.


Sensorial materials and exercises foster an understanding of the many aspects of colour, size, shape, weight, and scent as children work with such intriguing apparatus as geometric solids, sound boxes, and painted coloured tablets. Other academic materials like sand-paper letters and number rods help foster a concrete understanding of various language and mathematics concepts, while colourful puzzle maps and other materials invite exploration of world culture.


Cultural studies, including creative art, music and movement are integrated into the primary child’s day. The exploration of our culture and guided look at the natural world provides many opportunities for enriching the young child.


“…children work with such intriguing apparatus as geometric solids, sound boxes and painted colour tablets.”

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