Stepping Stones is especially designed for young children ages eighteen monthsDSC_7719 to three years as a first experience away from home. 


The class averages 18 children with a staff of three. Parents are asked to stay in school for the first few sessions and the office reception area is available for that purpose.


The pace is unhurried. Children may work uninterrupted for periods, but, when a child is ready for something else and observing teacher is always ready to give individual attention.


Around the age of eighteen months, children begin making great strides toward independence. They become ready to separate from their parents and will benefit from educational experiences that make this separation positive and enjoyable. The activities offered are simple and suited to the needs, interest and capabilities of very young children.


Whether the child is working with elegant Montessori cylinders, sifting sand at the sand table, or spreading jelly on a cracker, the child is learning:

  • Language
  • Motor Control
  • How to share
  • How to deal with confrontation in a constructive manner
  • To respect the worth and word of another child.
  • To develop a positive attitude toward school and learning.


Constant parent contact and regular informal parent classes are also part of the Stepping Stones Programme.

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