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5 Things to Consider When Picking a Primary School in St Lucia | The Montessori Centre



5 Things to Consider When Picking a Primary School in St Lucia

When it comes to our children, we always want to give them the best – especially when it comes to their education. In St Lucia, choosing your child’s primary school is a significant decision as the school of choice sets the stage for your child’s experience with formal education. Here are five factors to consider when selecting a primary school in St Lucia.

Public or Private

When it comes to selecting a public or private school, the main factor to consider is cost. Evaluate what added benefits your child receive in a private school environment for the additional cost. Some parents opt for private schools due to smaller class sizes, more extra curricular activities or personal history with the institution. If you see benefits in a private school, but cost is prohibitive find out if the school payment schedule is flexible enough, to make the higher cost seem more affordable.

School Size/Class Size

If your child needs more individual attention, or is easily overwhelmed in large social situations – school size may be a factor to take into consideration. Generally private schools tend to have smaller class sizes however you may be able to find a smaller public primary school environment depending on your location.

Quality of Teaching

Ultimately every parent wants to know their child is having the best teaching experience. However, this can sometimes be hard to evaluate. When evaluating a primary school consider the following. Do the teachers have a lot of experience? Are the teachers older or younger? If the are younger – do they get adequate training? Do the teachers have good relationships with students? Another factor to consider is also school performance in examinations.


Every school has a basic curriculum including subjects such as Math, English, Social Studies etc. However, based on school staffing and resources, some schools may offered a more diverse curriculum or may offer different subjects depending on the age of students. Some areas where you may see a diverse offering include languages, athletics and other areas such as information technology.


Location could quite easily be a deal breaker when picking a primary school. Your location needs to be convenient enough for you as a parent if you are dropping your child off to school. Consider whether you would prefer a school closer to home or your work. If you hope for your child to take a private or public bus to school you may want to consider what the routes would be like and if they are safe. In addition to proximity and convenience for your routine – determine what environment you feel comfortable with your child being in. Would you prefer their school in a quieter area or the city centre?

There is no perfect formula for selecting a primary school in St Lucia. There are many factors to consider and needs vary by each child and each family so consider what works best for your situation.

The Montessori Centre is a co-educational preschool and primary school in St Lucia. Known for it’s smaller class sizes, extensive curriculum and experienced teaching staff, it is a top choice for parents and students alike.

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